When I’m interested in things, I write about them. That’s why, back in 2011, I decided to start a blog. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort to write things that are good enough that I’m willing to show them in public, so I only made one post before abandoning the blog. This year (2014) I found myself writing some music reviews which seemed especially presentable, so I thought I’d put them up here. Since then I’ve tried to adopt a philosophy that I will put up anything on here that I write which isn’t completely rubbish or incomprehensible, without getting too hung up on whether it’s of high quality.

Since I started it up again, all the posts I’ve made on this blog have been music reviews or brief mathematical expositions. I’m quite happy with the music reviews and I hope some people will enjoy reading them. The mathematical expositions are of more variable quality. I have tried to write some of them in a clear and accessible way (e.g. this one), but this takes a lot of time. Other times (like here), I’ve been more concerned about just getting all my ideas down quickly without worrying about how well they are presented. Some of the expositions are about topics I’ve been learning in my course (I’m a second-year undergraduate in Linguistics and Mathematics at the University of York), but most aren’t directly related, they’re just things that have been on my mind. Obviously, you can’t rely on them to be totally correct; nobody reviews my posts before I make them. If you do notice any errors, you can point them out to me in a comment.

I have to apologise about the terrible formatting on these mathematical posts sometimes—this is due to the LaTeX renderer on WordPress.com being a bit rubbish (it doesn’t support the align environment, for example). At some point I may move to WordPress.org, where I have more control over the blog and can install a better LaTeX renderer, but that would require paying hosting fees. By the way, I use latex2wp, a useful program made by Luca Trevisan, to make composing these posts easier.