MetaMath: a website you should check out

Okay, here’s something linking together the two main themes of this blog so far: maths and music. I’ve just discovered MetaMath, a website where you can find thousands of mathematical proofs all encoded in a computer-readable way and completely proven from a small number of fundamental axioms. That’s awesome enough, but since the proofs are computer-readable, it’s possible to translate them into sequences of musical notes, and the resulting sequences actually sound like they have some structure to them. I particularly like Russell’s paradox, which sounds exactly like it should, and the Schröder-Bernstein theorem. It’s not really proper music, but it’s more listenable than I expected, and I just find it really cool that you can listen to the structure of the proof. Perhaps you could make a playlist out of these sound files and listen to it while studying maths, for some subject-appropriate background music 🙂


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